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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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degrees at reagan national. 52 dulles and 48 at b.w.i.thurgood marshall. ma going to warm up it a high of 70 degrees. we have a north wind that will shift to the northeast but winds are going to beo light in nature.ure. we're returning back to the seasonal temperatures that weatr should have. >> i love it. 70s, i love >> hello julie wright. >> a little chilly on wait in. not bat. i didn't turn otn the seat warmers on the roads this morning, i was enjoying the ride? >> really. >> i think it's a little chilly out o on the roads eastbound 66 no problems to report. light traffic volume from business 234 in to fair oaks. you will find yourself at speeds from vienna, noienn problems on the beltway between annandale and merryfield. lanes are open northbound along i-95 temperaturing up to the beltway and here we
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are live at the 14th street bridge. traffic runs smoothly to the southeast, southwest freeway. no problems to report on kennelworth avenue leaving 50 out to pennsylvania avenue. back to you. >> thank you. new this hour, several people are without a home this morning after a fire toreore true a montgomery apartment complex. fire officials say this happened around 1:00 am on spicebury circle in it gaithersburg. the foyer was on the ground floor i a partments and flames could be seen shooting sh from the windows. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. turning to the government shutdown now, today marks the 8th day of the budget crisis. >> now the threat of a u.s..s. default is taking over as the certainty of attention on can talhill. the debt ceiling has to be raised within known days. melanie owens is live with more on all this finger pointing that continues to go on, good morning to you.d >> reporter: good morning.orni
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were we tired of this yet? >> yes. >> reporter: it's almostst inevitable that the shutdown and the debt ceiling going to to be sphwer -- intertwined. senate democrats are thinking about making a pre-emptive strike when it comes to the debt limit floating the idea of a bill that would increase the nation's borrowing by a trillion dollar.olla most of washington, d.c. remains in shutdown. 25,000 federal workers in d.c. and maryland have filedve for unemployment ben lates. so far the senate hasn't voted on that. eight other house approved mini spending bills to reopen parts of the government from national parks and veteranss affairs and more have not been taken up by the senate either. president obama visited fema yesterday to highlight thehe shutdown damage.amag
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the impact shows no signs of breaking with democrats and republicans talking about instead of to each other. ea >> the president stronglytron believes that if he were to sanction negotiations with those threatening default that would actually increase not decrease the chances thathat we as a country undermine our full faith and credit. >> i know democrats don'trats like it but the americanthe people have given us divided government. two elections in a row now. they gave us a republicanblic house. they gave us a democratic senate. that means negotiation is iniati the a luxury.ury. it's a necessity. >> reporter: yesterday the: y house of representatives passed yet another stand alone mini spending bill to fund the food and drug administration. today they plan to take up a bill to fund heat starred and local schools. the senate we're told is supposed to be considering that backpay bill later this
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week. that stand alone bill they'rehe' talking about to raise the debt limit we may see language on that sometime today. the nation runs out of its ability to borrow more money on october 17th. wisdom, sara. >> thank you. >> also this shutdown is forcing d.c. to suspect all al tax refunds because money isis running out. the mayor kept all 33,000 city workers declaring them essential but the money to pay them could run out in ain couple of weeks. the city says you should still file your d. returns on time. >> thetoment closing at its lowest level in a month. invests are being cautious because of the government shutdown and the looming debtt ceiling. the dough jones fell 136 too just over 1600. the nasdaq compossette shedte 37 while the s.& p. 500 slid 13. anyone driving on the beltway
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on friday might get stuck twined a big rig or two. truckers are planning to protest the governmentes shutdown. for october 11. this friday morning. it's planned to last probablyt about three days. truckers say they'll circle the inner loop of i. 4995 going 55 miles an hour. organizers say 3,000 truckers were signed up by last weekast so get ready for that. of the beltway is already a mess. so --- >> everyday. >> everyday. that is if the sun is shining so there you go. the >> exactly. >> the supreme court is in session and in one case, it'ss considering whether to undo some limits on politicalpoli contributions from the biggest don't gloors but glo there is a big protest against removing the caps. several organizations ares ar holding the rally at 9:30. a host of speakers is is scheduled to speck at this event outside the supreme t court building on firstirst street in northeast. >> also this morning this was the big talker as well. gathering a lot of discussion and debate.
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nfl owners are gathering today for their annual quarterly meetionz in d.c.. >> they'll not use the red r skins name changehang controversy.ntro the oneida indian nation sponsored a symposium yesterday as a form of protest and also get nfl representatives to attend.tive but no one from the leaguegue showed up.ed the nfl did announce it'st's planning to meet with native american leaders next month. the look of fedex field mate change before the team name does. today nfl owners are expected to provide the team funds for renovation. the money is expected to bee used to make improvements to the seating, the addiction of wifi and a larger hall of fame area. the league contributes to stadium construction and renovations through its gh -- g4 funding program.undi >> ang lot of money for that. a local marine attacked as hehe
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runs money for vet displans what is being done to fixix glitches as millions sign up for healthcare? >> later on, do you think this was good? if does to me. >> is -- what is it? >> chicken wings from my backck yard. it may make your next meal less appetizing. >> did you make those? >> no, i bought them. that is apple butter and thatut is the outback red and thatnd is . >> in the foil? >> that is good stuff. >> we'll be right back. air wick. the craft of fragrance. no! you don't t evn get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest,
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pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop! >> time is 5:11. the montgomery board of education will meet to to discuss the possibility of a later start time for high school students.tude supporters of the move say itsa will help academic performance among students. the superintendent doctor doc starr, says they need to look at both the financial and scheduling capabilities of such a decision. the move would require a new bus schedule and changes in times for younger students, too.
5:11 am was shutt down at 1:00 am for upglaidz there have been a number of problems since it became available last tuesday. the administration says waitait times have been cut and there te is enough time to fix the on-line enrollment service before insurance coverage kicks in in january. the rollout of the 2006 medicare prescription benefitpto had glitches but problems were eventually worked out. a young man running to help military veterans. he was attacked but is determined to keep going. we'll tell you his story straight ahead. >> how about a nine-year-old nin manage to sneak on to a plane pa without a ticket? the latest on that investigation, the crazyy store, after we check in with gwen. >> we've sunshine in the th forecast today for you. a far cry from where we werewe yesterday with all the rain r and the much-needed rainfall did help. we're going to have detailsetai on what you can expects onn this cool fall day after the break. stay with us. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up
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which cascade actionpacs just can't do. take the finish shine challenge and see what it can do for you. ♪ >> welcome back, 5:15 right now. speaking of airplanes right now, it is a story that certainly had people talkingtalk yesterday. it still does. remember the nine-year-old boy we told you about who who hopped a plane to las vegaso la without a ticket?i we're learning more aboutout what may have happened. the young boy slipped throughhro security by jumping in line
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with another family. then he boarded the plane when a gate agent wasn't looking. he just -- how do you do that? >> i'm -- >> the t. investigating. authorities believe he may have picked vegas to meet a person he met through an on-line video game. >> this is where you have to hav keep an eye on the kids. >> this story is soso ridiculous. how does he get through with another family? >> when you are going through t the line they're checking normally. they're checking everyvery person. p grou are with a grou they're checking everybody. everybody is going through go the scanner. everybody, where is yours paper work. this story makes no sense to me. >> i've never seen anything to where it would appear they're that -- >> he gets to the security s line then gets on the plane so he managed to drop therop ball at the first entrance then drop the wall again at
5:16 am
the second. >> aren't there other peoplehe around who would have said ---- >> they do it for me and you. >> maybe if you are 9, you can get away with it -- it >> it's ridiculous. >> if he was with another family -- >> they don't do that. ever seen them do that at the airport, you two are together. you come through without paperwork. i got five and it neverneve happens. >> still a lot of questions. >> anyway. >> weather name. >> we'll solve the weather the for you. let's get right to it because i we have a different day ahead. i think it's going to be one be you get to enjoy especially if you want to get outside. a few clouds. yes. you going to see those on the compossist but we've lots ofots sunshine as well. going to be a dry day and da seasonal temperatures areonal coming right back to where they belong.g. we've been well aboveove seasonal. we're talking about a chance of rain which is possible into the later part of the week. so here is a look at what wh
5:17 am
we're talking about with sky conditions. some of the clouds on theds o back side of the storm systemrm yesterday but they will getll out of the way by this afternoon because we have a ha ridge of high pressureress building in from the north so they'll be short-lived. current temperatures grab a sweater or jacket. chilly out there. 56 d.c. . 48 baltimore. only 52 for hagerstown. 48 degrees at cumberland. take a trip up the mid-atlantic, 57 for boston. the same for new york city for and areas of the west, we're in the 40s as well. the only warm spot is down to the southeast. but we'ree going to see temperatures dive a little bits as well. ridge of high pressure inf hi control for us. our next weather maker here,re, a low pressure system that'sre s going to push its way up from the southeast and head' long the mid atlantic. that could set us up for a for chance of some showers as we as get into the thursday or so. so it does bear watching.. we'll is see how it pans out. a 50% chance but until that unt point in time we do have plenty of sunshine for you. 70 degrees our high.high
5:18 am
a light wind. 5 to 10 miles an hour. didn't we'll start out mostlyy clear. we'll see increasing clouds of the partly cloudy for the overnight hours. let's look at the seven-day forecast for you. plenty of sunshine with a few fw clouds as crow the board. thursday is the day to see aee few showers from the coastsal system. we'll watch it closely for f you and other than that not too bad. the temperatures are a far cry from the 80s and 90s we had over the course of last weekend. back to seasonal conditions. con not doing too badly into the 60es a and 70s. i call it great pumpkin picking weather. >> i would agree with youwith there. that is great. >> all right. r let's check in with julie. j she likes pumpkins and football. >> pumpkin pie. >> all right. >> i love that too. >> yummy. on the roads this morning overnight construction now cleared. southbound 95 here. the roadwork was tying up a
5:19 am
lane. northbound looks great northth of 234 headed into newington. no incidents on 395 leaving the beltway to the 14th street eastbound 66 an easy drive. this is the camera shot from 286 to 123. light traffic volume here temperaturing inbound to the beltway. southbound along kennelworth avenue lanes are open leaving eastern continuing out toout pennsylvania avenue. new york avenue is in the career. s the -- clear, this isr, t the top stretch of the beltway. you are at speed continuinging through silver springs, that, t is a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. trending topic, wrun news anchor's tweet that has a lot of people talking. was it insensitive. you be the judges, next.u >>dg careful how much food you y look at. it could be affecting how things taste.ings you don't believe us? i can't focus anymore. hear why after the break. the times now is 5:20.
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february, 2013. a landmamark transportation bil is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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♪ >> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. time is 5:23 on this tuesday morning. the gang is here, the fantastic four, all here spending time to talk, peoples are talking. they'reo happy with a wi tweet from a news anchor in philadelphia. talking about joyce evans. at our sister station in
5:23 am
philadelphia. she tweeted this saw "breaking bad" was hot see who is breaking bad in southwest philly leaving six people shot --hot >> oh, yes. you can imagine the tweet ignited. she defended her tweet saying it was meant to prove a point p that there would be no tv ending to the new story. >> maybe i would under more un but i had no idea. i didn't watch any of it. i'm sorry. s i'm a homeland girl and fourr block empire but i've not not gotten into that. >> neither have i.h >> i think with the title of "breaking bad" talking aboutalki a shoot willing, i think the, one is reality.eali one is not. >> that's where she ran into the problem. >> especially when you are talking about people who lost their lives. you can't compare it in that way. >> it's a reminder for all of us, everybody that if we get
5:24 am
comfortable on twitter. like it's, be careful. >> definitely. >> yeah. >> that is why. >> you got to be careful with twitter. >> think twice before you press send. >> i tweet about football and food. >> safe. >> even that -- when you arere tweeting about football.ti >> let's talk about food. [laughter] >> we've done this. you make a great meal. you snap a picture to show your fancy cooking skills. these are italian style pork sty chops that i made last week.eek. taking pictures of the food, it turns out apparently, thistl, is when some people say, pictures of food may hurt your appetite. right now i don't know how, i want those pork chops. >> they look like a peace sign. n the sauce. i >> i got it. >> tomato, on tans, this iss
5:25 am
-- onions, this is a study calls it acceptsly boredom. after seeing the food you don't want to taste it that. t is apparently how we lose weight. >> i don't know. >> you need to look at it a lot. >> that is making my stomachmy growl. >> what about when you walk past all the cheesecake at the cheesecake factory. >> that is half of my grill. >> that m isy chicken and hot dogs. >> are you injecting the chicken. >> i did inject. that's a long story. i got flavors. >> >> are you trying to make it ma on the food network? >> i watched it and try to try pick up some tricks, those are mine outback wings, honey butter, celery --- >> calories -- -- [laughter] >> what is this? >> this is my favorite right here. this is when i drink --
5:26 am
>> you crack those open like lik they're going out of style. >> it tastes like orange juneran but it's -- juice but it's really good. >> i'm the coffee girl. >> look what julie brought meme today. i'm going to tweet this >> if you are nice i'll share.'l >> if you arel not nice we'll just take them from you. i need mean because the last thing i need is another one an of those. we have the day's top storiesop coming up on the other side of the break. >> we aren't going gangster on moe. -- me. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly.
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honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. ♪ >> welcome back to fox 5elco morning news. time is 5:30 in the morning on this tuesday. 5:30. welcome back. >> it's not d. j.friday. j.f [laughter] >> too early for all that. julie. it's just too early for all that. >> still waking up. >> she is her own energizer en bunny over there. >> she probably gets out of bed. >> it's the . >> [laughter] ok. well, you know what today isoda the day we have plenty of ple sunshine for you.or whether you want to chill out with apple juice or whatever it's going to be cooler than yesterday. so just be prepared. as you head out you might want some coffee or hot chocolate. clouds will be out of the way before too long.oo a ridge of high pressure iss building in. that's going to set us up for
5:30 am
some sunshine before it's all said and down. current temperatures 56mper degrees at regan national. 52 at dulles and a cool 48 degrees b.w.i.thurgood marshall. our high is 70 degrees, plenty of sunshine. much cooler that happen yesterday although much dryer that happen yesterday.este we don't have any rain in the forecast. we're going to get back tock seasonal temperatures thashes is what is going to t happen asn we move through the course of the week. could see changes later on inn the week but not bad. a good day to get out andut take a nice walk and enjoy fall. >> one of our viewers says they can't live life.. they need time and temp on the screen so it's 56 56 degrees, it's 5:31 right now. we're having a problem withblem it. we'll try to get it fixed. >> in the moneytime julie. >> -- meantime. >> that was -- [laughter] >> funky little dance gliebanc
5:31 am
that is a britney -- let britney do her >> youit take care of the clothes. i think we can serve this up nicely for you. the trip south out of germantown, no problems to report. continuingspeed southbound out to rockville. your lanes are open on the top stretch of the beltsway thrown college park and bet eses da. no accidents to report right now. if you are traveling eastbound along 66 you will find yourself at speed at manassas which happens to bens t the beltsway inner loop. folks traveling west of the springfield interchange back int outs to 66. that is a check of the traffic. back to you. >> thank you. we begin an 8th day of the government shutdown but theut back and forth betweenorth democrats and republicans hasn't changed. >> the house did vote lastote night on funding the food andnd
5:32 am
drug administration but it's not clearin when the senate the will take that up. u melanie is live with more on this continuing gridlock. >> reporter: to answer your question they may never takever that up. senate democrats say they're not interested in passing any ps of the mini spending bills. they want one comprehensive bill to fund all of thee government. much of washington, d.c. does d. remain in shutdown mode this week.ek. 25,000 furloughed workers in d.c. and maryland have filed for unemployment benefits. last week the house passed a bill to insure backpay once feds return to the job. the senate hasn't voted on that. eight our house approved mini spending bills to reopen parts of the government, national parks, veterans affairs and more haven't been taken up by the senate. president obama visited fema yesterday to highlight the shutdown damage. itself impasse shows no signs of breaking and is spilling
5:33 am
over. >> the votes are not in the house to pass a clean debt limit. the president is risking default by not having a hav conversation with us. wi >> if republic ambassador an speaker boehner are saying there are not enough votestes they should prove it. let the bill go to the floor. let's see what happens. just vote. >> jack lew says on october 17 the united states will bell left with $30 billion cash on him. senate democrats want tots w raise the debt limit for one year. it would be a trillion hikeke in the borrowing authority. today the house of representatives plans to do what it has been doing passing its mini spending bills. the one today would be a vote v to fund head start and the senate may consider the backpay bill later this week. wisdom, sora? >> thankom you. > the national head starthe association has received a
5:34 am
$10 million donation. it came from two houston area philanthropists. the argue says it'll help to keep them running during the dur government shutdown and addsds it'll shore more than more -- -- >> the donors are an an exoil e company ek execute. the government shutdown is causing the progress made to reduce a backlog to the to department of veterans affairs. s it was just over 418,000 claims at the end of september. it increased by 200 since the shutdown because the v.a.stopped requiring processors to work overtime. the backlog had been dropping by more than 2,000 claims a cl day in the week before the shutdown. most of the exempt.a. from furlough but 7,000 employees will be furloughed today and access to all regional offices will be
5:35 am
suspended plus more than 2700 tech workers were furloughed yesterday. >> a former marine from alexandria who is running 3600 miles to raise money for military veterans is back on o the road following a vicious attack. >> 26-year-old brandon o'toole began his run for veterans in california andnia had been hoping to finish itsh in maine this come veteranseran day. the but during the stop in in delaware last week, o'toole was assaulted when he went toent meet hits crew for the start sta of his next leg. yesterday he resumed his hi mission in wilmington. >> a bit overwhelming. ove positive and proud to be back. i'm glad we came back to where it ended. i'm blessed to have all thehe support. we're out here to raise awareness aps noise. so i'm thankful for everyone here to help us out. >> o'toole raised around $1 million. the money will be used.
5:36 am
>> glad to see it wasn't deterred. >> he kept going. >> yeah. >> coming up next, family of a woman shot and killed near ne the capital last week speaks out plus --us - >> all of a sudden i felt something like a sting on my leg. >> a virginia mother was hitas by a bullet while watching her son's soccer game. department even hear the gunshot. next she is talking with fox 5 about her close call. the time now is 5:37. 
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
>> welcome back to fox 5co morning news.rnin time is 5:40. the family of a woman shot and killed near the capital last week are disputing claims she suffered from a mental illness. police say miriam carrey drove from her home in connecticut to washingtonwash dr. and attempted to ram through the barriers at thes white house. her siblings say police didn't have to kill her. investigators are reviewing the encounter and the use of deadly force.d also this morning a gainesville, virginia, mom isis roffing after being shot watching her son's soccer game. >> the woman felt a sudden s stab of pain around 5:00 pm sunday. her husband to happens to be on emt first thought they may
5:40 am
have been shot by a b. b. gun >> the x-ray technician saiday this doesn't look like a bb. i need to call the doctor. she called the dr. back. the doctor confirmed that it looked like a bullet. >> investigators believe it could be a .22 caliber round.nd. the northern virginia soccercer club sent an alert to parents and it's working to determine whether to postpone future events. she didn't hear the gunshot either. so, you know, we thought there was some trees aroundnd there. it -- the whole thing, is scary sitting there watching a soccer game. >>ccer let's hope it was an accident or a mistake. whatever they were doing indoin in the woods, yeah. time is 5:41. ahead it's all about the benning. >> -- benjamin.
5:41 am
>> new changes you will see if you are lucky to have one in your pocket. >> a beautiful morning.yesterdan cooler temperatures.ol the question iers will they stick around? g gwen has the answer andnd we'll take a look at the roads with julie wright.ines time is 5:42 on this tuesdaywork morning. done. that's why i trust terry for governor.
5:42 am
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5:44 am
♪ >> welcome back to fox 5el morning news. time is 5:45, it's somewhere i in thet neighborhood of 56 o degrees to get your jacket if j you areac going outside today. all right. this holiday season we're getting ready for a pairing that hasn't happened in 12525 years. the start of hanukkah happens to fall on thanksgiving. people are getting excited about this. take a look at this creation cre on your screen. called a merorkey. yes, that is m a cross between a menorah and a turkey. >> yes. >> i can see that. someone else came up with this tee shirt for sale. it reads thanks givika. don't get used to t. the holiday double dose won't come around for another 79
5:45 am
,000 years. >> 79,000 -- >> that is a long time. >> ver ly long time. >> i l neff rolized they don't ---- >> i didn't realize either. >> there you go.he >> ok. lots of cultures. >> you know what, we've sunshine today for everybody. i'm happy to say you'll notou' need your umbrella but you'll need a jacket or sweater oncewet you head out. don't say i didn't warn you. we have some clouds out there o this morning. but they're going to be short-lived. ridge of shirp in control is -- high pressure is in control. we'll see plenty of sunshine in the course of the afternoon. here is a look at why you are going to need the jacket or sweater, talking 56 degrees at d.c. . 53 at can't you cano, 43 degrees at baltimore. the same at dull etc. e let's being look at radar. our next weather maker is on the map. heres it a system down to the t southeast. this is gradually going to move up the mid-atlantic and
5:46 am
could be responsible for us us getting some rain by the times we hit about thursday. so just be prepared for that. we're going to watch it closely and depends on howw much stays close to the coast t but that could happen for us. back to the weather map then. ridge of shirp in control for us today. plenty of sunshine. back to seasonal conditionse in terms of our temperatures. right to the low 70s, buts, that is the system we'rewe'r going to watch and could bring us a few showers into the later part of the week. for today 70 degrees, a light nearly wind. 5 to 10 miles an hour. hou and for tonight we're taking an overnight low of about 52 degrees. cool out there and we'll see shortly cloudy skies into the overnight hours. royt across the board b temperatures to the upper 60es a and low 70s where we should be. the 90s are long ago in the dust. don't expect them to pop up anytime soon but the fall
5:47 am
weather is on the doorstep. nice day to take a nice relaxing walk if you can do wal it. >> sounds like a plan. >> or a bike ride. >> or a nice relaxing drive. i don't know how relaxing that is at this time of thehis day. t >> what i'm coming back with ba is not to relaxing. we've been having a pretty easy morning.ea that has changed. out of fred rirks berke and b stafford a multivehicle crash closing a portion of northbound i-95 before the centerport parkway. traffic is able to squeeze byque only on the shoulder. route 1 starting to see the back up form at 177 northbound. we're sending the chopper inhopp that direction. show you what we have out hav there on the roads. no problems to report on 95 and 395 out to the pentagon. the incident here eastboundboun along 66 has been pulled over to the shoulder as you work your way in from manassas.
5:48 am
lanes are open. no problems to report. from german town to the th split. that is a check of the traffic. >> thank you, julie. check your wallet. the new $100 bill rolls out today. it got quite a makeover. >> the bill will have a hav variety of high-tech features aimed at lowering the number of counterfeit billsit including a three dmeksalal security ribbons that moveshat when the bills is tilted. >> i degrees they destroy the old ones. >> are they still in circulation? >> i don't have any hundred dollar bills. >> it will be another tennot years before i see one in my pocket. >> as a celeb gets named the world's sexiest woman for theor second time. find out who this is. >> "gravity" is the hottest move in america but how realistic is the action in space? the real life astronauts weigh in on
5:49 am
i can't wait to hear whenear they think. 5:50 right now and about 56 degrees. last we heard. we'll be right back. you score little victories every day. now do it with dinner. land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. for chicken pasta... beef stir fry... shrimp tacos... endless possibilities! sauté express®. in the dairy aisle.
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♪ >> we're back with fox 5 morning news.m time is 5:52. bringing sexy back. >> look at her. >> act rets scarlet jo habs
5:52 am
yen said she is the sexiestst woman alive. easy to look a. she snagged the title again seven yearsars after being named the sexiestiet woman alive the first time. so she is aging gracefully apparently. seven years later? jo has beenson is the only ---- johanson is the only woman to hold the title twice. last year, mila --ila >> she was' in "ted." >> she was given the coveted cov title last year. the november issue of esquire hits newsstands nicks -- next n week. >> two years after --fter >> i would feel good i just won. >> printy good. it was' about to happen. >> look at this. if you are still looking for a halloween costume why not go to the most talked about couple over the past few
5:53 am
months. miley and -- the twerking duo. you cannot forget their head-turning v.m. a.perform appears, everybody is goingy is to do this.o everybody is disping to do this. >> they're going to flood theod stores. >> great couples costume forcost you and your wife. >> i'll wear that suit. sui i'm not letting my wife wear the other miley cyrus get up,p, no, we're not doing that. not doing that at all.ll. let's talk about movies, "gravity" was tops at the box office. the film is creating a wholee lot of buzz. >> it had the biggest octoberct opening for a film but howow realistic is the story? we explain. >> we have to go. >> reporter: floating highting above the box office "gravity" made an impressive $55 million during its debut weekend.
5:54 am
>> explorer do you read? >> the thriller follows a couple of astronauts who survive a direct hit fromrom space debris and must find their way back to earth. nasa astronauts told us thehe filmmakers took a few liberties. >> these things they can happen and whether it's man made or natural occurrence meaning it's micrometeorite there is a possibly of youof running into some stuff. on the hublg there is is a hole in the gena about the size of a silver dollar where a rock went thu that. thu >> the bad news is, yes, it, can happen. and the good news is, you don't, the answer is it can but to have it all happen at the same time, you know, a satellite run in a satelliteatel happens to be right where you are, now we're getting more creative. >> reporter: the star sappedra bulloch said helped her face scenes look
5:55 am
realistic. >> technology allowed a new a way of story telling where technology is used to make things more emotional. >> reporter: unlike the meteorite that injured moreinju than a ,000 in russia earlier this year space debris can be monitored. >> we track everything thatever is bigger than about a sent meter. in -- centimeter, as soon as something new happens up there, every piece has a number. we are in, they're looking their, maps and all those things looking to see could it hit the space station? just yesterday, i probably got 12 e. mailsz aboutsz something that might hit the station today so they're're tracking it and the looking more closely. when they really do their math they rellize that, no,o, it's not going to hit it butit if it was' going to they'rethey going to move the space s station. >> reporter: fox news. >> at 6:00 people are scamming what you need to know coming
5:56 am
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straight ahead at 6:00 breaking overnight a a deadly house fire. shutdown day number eight, while there's no end in sight, lawmakers are a trying to avoid, fox 5 morning news continuesconu right now. straight at 6:00 right nowow on this tuesday, october 8th. we're taking a live look over lo the city this morning, just taking a nice breath of fresh air to get the cool, crisp fall feeling, it's back and ready for fall. all right, good morning, i'mi' sarah simmons. i'm wisdom martin. and i'm ready to get out and a enjoy this weather now. no not that i didn't get


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